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Welcome to Cardinal Comb & Brush!!

As you explore our site, you will find Cardinal's complete line of high quality combs and brushes. Cardinal's products are manufactured and packaged in our state of the art facilities in the "Pioneer Plastics" city of Leominster, Massachusetts, USA, where since 1775 this city's comb artisanship has yielded the expertise that makes this community the hub of American comb production.

Since 1969
Cardinal Comb has been manufacturing combs. Investments in additional molds and machinery and expansion of our product line have resulted in Cardinal's fine reputation and viable presence in both the Beauty and Barber and the Retail industries. We have enhanced our product line to become one of the most unique and comprehensive manufacturers of combs and brushes in the entire world today!

Cardinal Comb regards
quality as the primary focus of our operations and customer satisfaction as the most critical component of our growth and continued success. We consider our loyal customer base to be our most valued asset and the many friends among you as tangible proof of our commitment to this vibrant industry!

ake a close look at our product quality, pricing and service. We hope you find that Cardinal's products provide your business with opportunity for remarkable sales and profitability. Thank you for your interest in Cardinal Comb & Brush!



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